The company Gordeya carries out new constructions, adaptations of all permanent structures, residential and commercial buildings, family houses, garages of multi-apartment buildings. Because we offer a comprehensive service in the field of construction, we are the ideal partner for all your wishes and needs.


Gordeya carries out adaptations of all permanent structures, residential and commercial buildings, family houses, garages,…

Entrust us with the renovation of your house, apartment, garage, facade construction or renovation and exterior design. You can also entrust us with the renovation of your apartment.

As part of the adaptation, we offer all accompanying craft work within the agreed deadline. Because we offer a comprehensive service in the field of construction, we are the ideal partner for all your wishes and needs.

Here are just a few:

  • Outdoor and indoor pool adaptations
  • Apartment adaptations and renovations
  • Bathroom adaptations
  • Roof and roof structure reconstructions
  • Facade adaptations
  • Basement renovations
  • Renovation and reconstruction of older houses
  • Warehouse adaptations
  • Public building adaptations
  • Commercial premises renovations
  • Concrete fence reconstruction
  • Stone fence reconstruction
  • Yard reconstruction and paving renovation
  • And many other adaptation works,
  • renovations and reconstructions…


The basic function of the facade is the protection of the building from external influences. In addition, it is also very important from an aesthetic point of view, as the facade makes the house like clothes make the man. The company Gordeya performs facade works on all types of buildings, permanent or prefabricated buildings, residential and commercial buildings, family houses.

Proper execution of facade works is often more important than the choice of material for the facade.

We can organise and prepare the entire service for you:

  • professional and appropriate consulting services
  • purchase of high-quality material at the lowest rates
  • installation of scaffolding

Prior to any works, the building is adequately protected and cleaned after finishing the work.

Finishing facade works are performed with high-quality materials, such as:

  • baumit
  • jub
  • rofix
  • weber-terranova

The systems we implement are:

Thermal insulation facade systems with styrofoam-EPS
Facade system with stone wool panels Protecting a building with a suitable facade means an energy loss reduction in heating by more than 60%. Energy consumption reduction in heating means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and thus protecting the environment.

A well-made facade does not only mean an energy consumption reduction in heating, but also a more pleasant living in the room itself.

Thermal insulation facade system with insulation panels is an effective facade system, with complete insulation of external walls. It consists of various insulation panels such as thermal and sound insulation panels and a top vapour-permeable layer resistant to all weather conditions. Such a system is suitable for all types of surfaces. It is an economical and efficient facade system and complies with the recommendations of the European Union.

New Buildings

The company Gordeya builds:

  • new buildings
  • residential buildings
  • multi-apartment buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • family houses

In addition to high-quality and accurate construction and masonry services, our goal is to offer all services that accompany the construction activity.
The construction of a house is divided into five construction phases, namely:

  • The first construction phase includes construction works, such as ground and construction site preparation, setting-out the building, excavation, laying the foundations and the foundation plate.
  • The second construction phase continues when the preparatory work is completed and after the laying of the foundations. At this stage, the base or basement plate is placed in, in case the building is underground.
  • The third construction phase includes structural construction works on all floors as well as the attic, installation of the roof structure and roofing works.
  • The fourth construction phase includes all interior works, such as the installation of partitions, construction of concrete floors, insulation of the building, interior and exterior plasters, construction of installations. Laying of screeds and insulation materials, floor and wall coverings that require wet installation, installation of builders’ joinery, locksmith work and installation of staircases is carried out. The installation of builders’ joinery, such as windows, doors, staircases and so on is also planned to be carried out.
  • The fifth construction phase is the final construction of the building and is often called the turnkey construction of the building

Foundation plates