About Us

We are a construction company that has been offering a professional and quality execution of construction projects and investments, such as renovations, new construction, adaptations and facade works, to our clients for more than 14 years. We provide quality construction work performed within the stated agreed deadlines for the financial amounts specified in the offer or contract. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, which means constructing or arranging the building according to their wishes and offer them free professional consulting services.

We offer quality workmanship and precision, whether it is new construction or renovation, adaptation, which is achieved through efficient teamwork between us, the architect and the supervision.

Our company has a lot of experience in new construction, production of foundation plates for prefabricated houses, adaptations and facade works. As part of the construction project, we initially create a detailed and professional specification of works, on the basis of which it is considered that the final price does not differ significantly from the estimate. Every construction, adaptation of a residential house or any other construction phase, is for various reasons also accompanied by unforeseen situations that need to be resolved immediately and efficiently several times. In our experience, not only professional and theoretical knowledge but also experience from past performances of work, which we are in no shortage of, is required to be able to adopt the right and effective solutions in time.

For the past 7 years, we have also been operating and providing all necessary construction services in other countries of the European Union. We do most of our business and construction in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium. We have gained enough knowledge and experience during various construction projects to solve all construction situations with quality and efficiency.



We employ various types of workers, such as masons, carpenters and plasterers. From an individual we expect an appropriate level of education in construction or other related fields, at least 2 years of work experience in a comparable workplace, independence and responsibility at work, accuracy, flexibility, communication and cooperation. The job offers you full-time work, accommodation, in the case of field work, regular and stimulating payment by agreement, and employment in a Slovenian company. We offer permament employment if the candidate is suitable for the job. However, each candidate must complete one month of probationary period.